FLASH GORDON (2007-????)

Creators: Alex Raymond
Starring: Eric Johnson, Gina Holden, Karen Cliche, Jody Racicot, John Ralston, Anna van Hooft, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Steve Bacic
Official Website: http://www.scifi.com/flashgordon/

More info: http://imdb.com/title/tt0959086/

The new series, based on the comic strip of the same name and its adaptations, follows the adventures of Steven "Flash" Gordon (the nickname referring to his running ability), who lives with his mother in Maryland and whose scientist father was apparently lost in a mysterious accident when Flash (Eric Johnson) was 13 years old. Flash's former girlfriend, Dale Arden (Gina Holden), is a television news reporter and is engaged to police detective Joe Wylee. They meet the elder Gordon's eccentric former assistant, Hans Zarkov (Jody Racicot), when rifts in space appear, allowing travel between Earth and the planet Mongo.



veritas said...

i think they should renew sci-fi's flash gordon coz it's they only thing my family would watch coz my dad loves the old episodes but wen the brought it back he was excited and frankly so was i, i believe if u brought it back i guarante u won't be sorry thnkx

Anonymous said...

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