Eyeborgs (2008)

Release Date: 2008 (USA)

Starring: Adrian Paul, Megan Blake, Luke Eberl, Danny Trejo, Mark Joy, Juan-Carlos Guzman, Kelly Martin, David Schifter
Director: Richard Clabaugh
Official Website: http://www.eyeborgs.com/
More info: http://imdb.com/title/tt1043844/

Are government surveillance cameras intended to keep us safe actually killing people? Is it a plot by the government to suppress the opposition, or have our terrorist enemies secretly gained control of our security system and are now using it against us? Following another major terrorist attack the US instigates an intense government surveillance program in which every camera in the country is linked into a single, all-seeing network called the ODIN system (for Optical Defense Intelligence Network). The system includes millions of mobile, robotic surveillance cameras known as "Eyeborgs," which watch everyone for suspicious behavior, all in the name of security, law enforcement and keeping America safe.



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