Sleep Dealer (2008)

Release Date: 17 April 2009 (USA)

Starring: Leonor Varela, Jacob Vargas, Luis Fernando Pena, Giovanna Zacarías, Marius Biegai, Emilio Guerrero, Jake Koenig, Ursula Tania
Director: Alex Rivera
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Set in a near-future, militarized world marked by closed borders, virtual labor and a global digital network that joins minds and experiences, three strangers risk their lives to connect with each other and break the barriers of technology.



avidscifi said...

i just saw this amazing film this morning - i highly recommend it - the story is so disturbing but so believeable it's haunting - instead of importing migrant workers in the future, the u.s. can just contract them to work virtually from mexico - - - a sundance winner, this film is like Matrix meets THX1138 surrounded by the poverty of our neighbors to the south

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